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Purchasing Associate

at MISA Imports Inc. - Dallas, Texas 45 Days Open

Job description

The purchasing assistant provides clerical and administrative support within the purchasing department by preforming a variety of duties related to the procurement of goods and services.


Job Functions


Order Planning

    • Coordination with Suppliers (Production Schedules, Product Availability)

    • Coordination With Logistics  (Order Pick-Up Dates, Booking, and Scheduling)    

Order Management 

    • Prepare Order per Data Input (PO System entry, revisions)

    • Place orders with Suppliers

    • Store, File and Document Orders (Per System)

    • Tracking, Reviewing Orders & Follow Ups (ETD, ETA)

    • Supplier Invoice Follow up, Review, PO Match & Approval


Documentation & Filing   

    • Verify, Store, File and Document Orders (Per System)


International Coordination 

    • Obtaining International Documentations (Invoices, Certificates of Origin)

    • Communicating Product Delivery & Schedules

    • Invoicing




Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Knowledge of Computer and Spreadsheet/Database Software

    • Experience in Purchasing and/or Distribution Fields Preferred

    • Excellent Communication and Organizational Skills

    • Strong Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

    • Operates Well Under High Volume

    • Exemplary Multi-Tasking and Decision-Making Abilities

    • Outstanding Verbal and Written Communication Skills with Attention to Detail


Minimum Requirements


    • Education: Bachelor’s Degree

    • Experience: One Year Clerical Experience

Posted 12/9/2016

  • Full Time position
  • Compensation will be Market Rate

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