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Tim Weingarten, Co-Founder & CEO - The Hunt

When you meet somebody and they’re using your product, and they’re happy with it, there’s nothing that makes you more satisfied.
From a quiet town in Maine, Tim Weingarten decided to attend University of Pennsylvania for the big city opportunities that he knew would follow. Upon receiving a B.A. in electrical engineering, Weingarten pursued an equity research career in Manhattan. Through networking with finance professionals and entrepreneurs, Weingarten realized his desire to become more involved in companies as opposed to just contributing from a research perspective—which sparked his cross-country leap to a California VC fund. As an avid shopper and fashion enthusiast, he found a frustrating disconnect between style depicted in Tumblr photos and where to purchase the outfits. In an attempt to bridge the gap and revolutionize the ease of modern shopping, Weingarten founded ShopTap, Inc. and its featured mobile platform, The Hunt: a community fueled app promoting personal style search-and-find missions initiated through pictures on Tumblr and Instagram. Since The Hunt’s inception in 2013, it has accrued 2,000,000 registered users who have joined over 50 million Hunts.
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