“The results have been excellent...

...We have 30 people that now work at Sound Point, five of whom have been hired through OneWire.”

"OneWire gives you the ability to go through thousands of resumes and narrow down the search specifically to what you want."

Kevin Gerlitz
Chief Finance Officer
Sound Point Capital

"I think it’s a great tool because people have faith in both applying for jobs and posting jobs."

Brian Feldman
General Counsel
Sound Point Capital

"Initially I applied online through OneWire... That’s how I was able to find a great job that I’m happy in now."

Ryan Kohan
Credit Analyst
Sound Point Capital

“I would definitely recommend OneWire...

...We were able to find people quickly, comprehensively, and importantly, it added dramatic cost savings.”

"Headhunters are great, but they don’t have the ability to canvas the entire market like OneWire."

Jennifer Lagnado
Abbott Capital Management

"I actually found my job through OneWire, so it was much more successful than other sites."

Vonetta Young
Post-MBA Investment Associate
Abbott Capital Management

"We adopted OneWire about a year ago, and we hired three people already... people at all levels of the organization."

Thad Gray
Chief Investment Officer
Abbott Capital Management

“It’s a tectonic shift in the recruitment area...

...OneWire has a great team that enables us to walk through subtle gray issues of any recruitment process.”

"I could update my resume if I had to make a change and all the people I had applied to would be able to see those changes."

Henry Flynn
Credit Analyst
Build America Mutual

"OneWire’s really helped us develop a talent pool that we can access and search through when we have job openings."

Cheryl Lavery
Head of Human Resources
Build America Mutual

"I would recommend OneWire to anybody who is looking to hire from a pool of high caliber, diverse candidates."

Sean McCarthy
CEO & Co-Founder
Build America Mutual