OneWire, Inc. eCommerce Job Posting Guidelines

Minimum Job Posting Criteria

  • Position Title
  • Job Description and Requirements
  • Location(s)
  • Full-time/Part-time/Contract
  • Compensation Type

Third-Party Recruiter/ Staffing Agency Guidelines

If you are a third party recruiter or Staffing Agency and would like to access the OneWire platform, you must sign up through the following link . Any postings that appears from a Third-Party Recruiter/ Staffing Agency from any other point will be rejected and will not be eligible for a refund.

Job Posting Flagging and Rejection Criteria

OneWire reviews job postings on the site to ensure the safety of our community members and the quality of our services. If a job posting appears to meet any of the following criteria, it will be flagged by the OneWire Team and may be rejected:

  • Multi-level Marketing Jobs or pyramid schemes
  • Jobs requiring candidates to pay a fee or refer people in order to apply and/or be considered for the position
  • Postings in violation of EEOC regulations
  • Postings that appear to contain phishing scams, spam, or other content in violation of OneWire’s Terms and Conditions
  • Solicitations for any services other than for the purposes of employment
  • Job postings that contain the description of more than one position
  • Any other reason at OneWire’s sole discretion

If you have a question about whether a job posting meets the criteria, please contact us at Rejected jobs are non-refundable. If your posting is rejected, you will be notified of the reason why and will have the opportunity to correct the posting to comply with the above guidelines. Companies or individuals who are repeatedly flagged for posting jobs in violation of our guidelines may be banned from OneWire at OneWire’s sole discretion. Companies and/or individuals who are banned are not eligible for a refund of any portion of payment received or owed to OneWire by the Company and/or individuals..

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