Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneWire?

OneWire is the leading career site for finance professionals. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or exploring your career options, OneWire provides you with job opportunities at top firms, relevant career content, and advanced job search tools and insights.

Job seekers of all experience levels can create detailed, confidential profiles, enabling them to maintain full privacy and total control over their search. Employers post opportunities and candidates apply and get matched to these opportunities based on the information in their profile.

We built OneWire to make it easier for candidates and employers to connect. Are you ready to make your next move? Create your OneWire profile today!

Who uses OneWire?

OneWire is a place for qualified candidates to directly connect with hiring employers.

Candidates – Individuals at all levels, from students to senior management, use OneWire to take control of their careers and get hired!

Employers – Hundreds of top financial services, consulting, insurance, accounting, and technology firms use OneWire to connect with talent across all levels.

How is OneWire different from job boards and networking sites?

Job boards and networking sites are cluttered and noisy. Their job postings are frequently stale, and employers are quickly inundated with hundreds of applications, meaning that your resume winds up in a black hole. Don’t waste a lot of effort for little opportunity!

OneWire is a new kind of site. You’re precisely matched to great opportunities at hundreds of relevant firms while maintaining complete control of your confidentiality and career preferences. Instead of sending in a one-time, single resume to an employer, which will quickly become outdated, you can update your profile and resume at any time, which is reflected in your existing applications. That way, employers will always see the best version of you.

Do I really have complete control over my confidentiality on OneWire?

Yes, your privacy settings are entirely dependent on your preferences. By default, when candidates create a profile they are public to all companies except their current employer. You can also choose to remain private to all companies except for ones you specifically indicate. It’s also important to note that regardless of your privacy settings, your information will never be accessible via the Web. All your information is protected on OneWire, and only hiring employers can access it.

Why does OneWire require candidates to upload a resume?

We ask you to upload a resume so that the information can then be used to automatically create your OneWire profile. Since OneWire profiles are built with structured data, the same type of data employers use to search for candidates, OneWire is able to make precise matches. Candidates who upload a detailed resume then have the best success on OneWire. It is also recommended that you review your profile once you’ve uploaded your resume to ensure that all the information imported correctly. You are always encouraged to include more information than is in your single-page resume. In addition to job matching technology, uploading your resume is necessary in order to apply for a job posting.

How do I learn about new job opportunities I may be interested in?
We’ll send you an email each time you get matched to a new job on OneWire. You can also set up Job Alerts for the types of jobs you’re after to receive a weekly email with the new jobs that match your search (Wondering how to change your Job Alert email settings? See below). Want instant alerts for new jobs being posted on OneWire? Join our premium members and get the Edge.
How do I set up a Job Alert?
There are three ways to create a job alert. First, you can click the tab labeled “Job Alerts” on your status bar. From there, you simply enter a title for the alert and a keyword for positions you want to be notified about. Another method is to start by typing keywords into the Find a Job search box, select some filters, and when you’re ready, save your search by clicking Create a Job Alert. Finally, you can create an alert based on a specific job you come across. You can create as many Job Alerts as you’d like.
I keep getting Job Alert emails, how can I control when I receive them?
You can manage the settings of your Job Alerts by clicking the Job Alerts tab on your status bar. From there, you can add or remove Job Alerts as you see fit. Job Alerts are sent weekly with a basic candidate account. To receive alerts for jobs as soon as they are posted, sign up for the Edge.
Does OneWire charge candidates?

There is no cost for candidates to create a OneWire account, apply for jobs, or get matched to opportunities. However, there is an option to upgrade to the OneWire Edge, a premium membership that offers you an advantage over other candidates at a low monthly cost.

What advantages does the Edge offer to candidates?
The Edge is an exclusive membership on OneWire that lets you stand out from the rest of the application pool. The Edge features include Premium Application Status, Instant Job Alerts, Competition Reports, and Profile View notifications. For more information on how you can get an edge over other candidates, click here.
What is a profile video and why should I add one?

A profile video is a new feature that allows you to introduce yourself to employers and personalize your profile. After polling the companies that post on OneWire, 80% of them agreed that a profile video gives more information than just a resume. Memory is predominantly visual, so stand out from the crowd with a video on your profile!


TESTIMONIALS Add your success story

"OneWire is terrific, it is very precise and highly differentiated from other job sites. I created a detailed profile which allowed companies to find me for a role that is an exact fit. As a result, I just got hired for a great new job through my OneWire experience."

Mike C.

"Submitting my resume to leading finance firms wasn’t enough. It took my profile on OneWire to get matched with opportunities with the leading financial firm to get me an interview. Thank you OneWire!"

Anonymous Candidate

"OneWire has high caliber candidates. For example I’m seeing Ivy MBAs with very strong work experience. These are the people that just don’t go to the Monsters, and to a lesser extent the Craigslists of the world. They are really qualified people and have the right backgrounds I’m looking for – as opposed to the random candidates I find on other sites."

Perry Stone, Stone Securities

"This really gives an advantage to our students and alumni, in that they’re getting direct connections into these firms. Top companies and boutique firms are very serious about using this tool because it’s cheaper and much more efficient than the typical hiring process, and it covers all professional positions, from internships to senior-executive positions."

Pat Mullane, Dickinson College Career Center

"I’ve used all the job boards out there, and OneWire is different - it delivers on its promise of precise matches. I’ve already gotten several great matches through OneWire and am optimistic I’ll find the perfect opportunity soon."

Laura F.

"In a challenging search with specific parameters, OneWire enabled us to quickly narrow our focus and identify two excellent candidates - one of which we subsequently hired. Thanks to OneWire, a three month process was compressed into one month, and the price was very attractive compared to the cost of a traditional search."

George Tilghman, Guggenheim Securities, LLC

"I had already heard of OneWire when a friend referred me for a position at a top financial services firm through A headhunter had contacted me about this exact job – but ultimately decided not to submit my name because I was not ’the right fit.’ But when I got my friend’s referral on OneWire, I decided to go for it. I completed my OneWire profile, came up as a strong match to this opportunity, and landed the job. OneWire says it makes precise career connections…and it really does."

Jenn C.

"OneWire is a fantastic tool. It saved me a lot of legwork during my job hunt by matching me only with jobs that met my experiences and interests. I didn’t have to waste time looking at irrelevant jobs and could focus on those that were right for me. As a result, my job search has ended with me accepting a position at a rapidly growing global financial services firm. Thank you OneWire!"

David Maher, Guggenheim Securities, LLC