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Bouldering in Magic Wood Switzerland

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You can also look forward to articles about the best bouldering spots in Europe, including the Swiss Eldorado Magic Wood, the challenging bouldering area Brione, and the famous Fontainebleau bouldering area in France. Here’s a little insight into our top favorites:

Magic Wood, Switzerland

Magic Wood is a paradise for boulderers, located in Switzerland. It offers a range of options for climbers of all levels, from easy warm-up bouldering to the most challenging problems. Magic Wood is not only known for its excellent bouldering, but also for its beautiful surroundings, with a river crossing a magical forest that attracts athletes from around the world. A visit to Magic Wood is an unforgettable experience and a must for every boulderer.

Deep Water Spots in Magic Wood
Deep Water Spots in Magic Wood

Brione, Switzerland

Brione is another fantastic bouldering area in Switzerland, located near Lake Maggiore. It offers plenty of opportunities for climbers of all levels, from easy, beautiful beginner bouldering to classics like “Vecchio Leone” (see here a video of Magnus Midtbo and Shawn Raboutou trying Vecchio Leone by night).Brione is known for its unique rock structures, which have been carved by glaciers over thousands of years, and the hundreds of boulders in the creek bed, some of which are yet to be climbed. This spot is not only for hobby boulderers, but also for those seeking first ascents.

Fontainebleau, France

Fontainebleau is a crucial and large bouldering area in Europe, located near Paris. It is known for its countless bouldering blocs suitable for climbers of all levels, as well as its beautiful forests and picturesque villages, perfect for a day trip. Many athletes spend years in Fontainebleau and have only discovered a fraction of the possibilities.

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